Welcome to Muskoka Highlands Golf Links!

To this golfer, conditions and pace of play are keys to course selection. Muskoka Highlands is home to the 3 hour round – and the best greens in Muskoka bar none. At least that seems to be the common theme of conversations at the 19th hole. The course difficulty is very under-stated. It is wide open from the tee – but narrows at virtually every green. For the golfer looking for the risk-reward situation, they exist on every hole. But it can be penal if you miss.

For the beginner, we have a 3000 yard course inside the 6000 yard course for your playing pleasure. And we ask that you tee-up every shot until you get to the green. If your partners disagree, tell them to speak to Don.

With our 9 minute tee times, there is lots of time to wait on the first tee before you have to hit. And during this time, you can carefully select the proper tee for you – there are signs to guide you to your appropriate tee. You will enjoy your game from the tee most appropriate to your game.

Much ado is made about the time it takes to play golf. At Muskoka Highlands, you can spend as much or as little time playing as you like. With our links-style layout, our golf holes are all inter-connected, letting you play them in order or not as your time and the play of others on the course permit. You can play from 2-18 holes at any time with lots of variations. Time of day counts here – but it can be to your advantage to come later in the day to play those few holes – we leave it to you to pull yourself from the course when you are on a hot streak!!


Muskoka Highlands

  • 18 bucas
  • Par 69
  • 6024 yard
SSS 114 104 105 N/A
SLOP 66.7 114.0 61.9 N/A
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giorno feriale
Fine settimana

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Muskoka Highlands Golf Links

1036 South Monck Drive
Bracebridge, Ontario, P1L 1W8, Canada
☎ +1 (705) 646-1060


1km west of Bracebridge on Highway 118

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